13 Week Out Contest Prep- Nationals

Athlete Summary

Current AM Weight: 139.2
Last Week Weight: 140.8

Diet Feedback

Good week with dieting. Nothing crazy and snacking as been very, very minimal. The “getting in the zone” is becoming very easy to do and stay on top of.


The hunger is still there but it is managable. The HC days are really doing the trick so far.

Training Feedback

Recovery has been good and an extra rest day was taken just due to how hard she has been pushing. We are going to move the PLYO day to the end of one of her training sessions so she can have an extra day off from the gym.


We are locked in and ready to continue the push. This will be a hard 13 weeks but we are in a good position to bring a really good physique!

Game Plan
Current Diet: Calories: 1,100 Protein: 140g, Carbs: 75g, Fat: 19g.
Carb Cycling- 3 Days of her BASE diet and then 1 HC Day:

High Carb Day: Calories: 1,894 Protein: 138g, Carbs: 250g, Fat: 38g. First HC day will be on
Monday 8/21


Make sure she is hitting 10k steps daily. On top of her 45 minutes of cardio 5x per week.


CHANGES: We are implementing a higher dose of Clen and also introducing Primo at 20mg per week.

CURRENT PED'S: Increasing Clen + adding in 20mg of Primo weekly

Armour- 60mg Daily

GH- 2 IU First thing in the AM fasted.
Clen- 60mcg Daily

Primo- 20mg weekly.


Even though we are a little behind with what I thought her projected weight would be this week, I am still ok with how things are going. I think the next week or two is going to be the tall tale sign of how the overall prep will go. So we are going to continue the push here!