15 Week Out Contest Prep- Nationals

Athlete Summary

Current AM Weight: 140.8
Last Week Weight: 139.0

Diet Feedback

Diet was overall good this week, not perfect just due to scheduling being off and meal timing wasn’t 100% on point. However, this was the first week where “picking” and taking bites of food wasn’t done. So overall super good. One meal was had and that was 2 slices of pizza. Other than that, I would say this week was pretty solid.


The cravings are being reduced just due to NOT picking here and there. This is a huge step in the right direction. The more you pick at foods, the more likely you are to crave things so avoiding the picking has helped out big time with hunger. Same thing with the carb cycling approach as well. 

Training Feedback

Training is going well. Recovery has been much better just due to the glutamine we added in and reducing volume by default. Cara is listening to her body more and pushing when she feels like she can and then backing off when she needs too. Intuitively training and its helping out! This is where experience comes into play and it can make a huge difference. 


Good week overall. With how busy Cara was this week, I do want her to “get better” with sleep, structure, routine, fasted cardio etc. Its a work in progress still being this far out but each week we are inching closer and closer so thats very good to see. 

Game Plan
Current Diet: Calories: 1,100 Protein: 140g, Carbs: 75g, Fat: 19g.

Carb Cycling- 3 Days of her BASE diet and then 1 HC Day: 

High Carb Day: Calories: 1,894 Protein: 138g, Carbs: 250g, Fat: 38g. First HC day will be on Monday 8/21


Make sure she is hitting 10k steps daily. On top of her 45 minutes of cardio 5x per week.


NOW starting 5mg Yohimbine HCL during her fasted cardio. (She didn’t do this last week like she was supposed too)

Current PED’s:- No Changes

Armour- 60mg Daily

GH- 2 IU First thing in the AM fasted.

Clen- 40mcg Daily

Final Thoughts:

With another busy week coming up with us traveling and going to North Americans, my goal is to have her keep it as tight as possible with allowing ONE cheat meal so we can have a date night while exploring the city. No cardio and no gym sessions will be missed. After we land, we will hit up the grocery store and get everything we need to have her stay on point with the diet. I think this is a big week for her and I want to see her braek into the 137 mark. So thats my goal for her for this week!! 

The work continues.