Our Lifestyle Coaching features a combination of custom designed fitness and nutrition regimens intended to fit your life while empowering you to achieve your strength-building, physique-shaping and weight loss or weight gain goals. As objectives are met, you will feel your self-esteem and sense of pride rise.



  • Includes access to our Modern Fit App where your customized program(s), progress photos, weight, measurements and key lifts are stored.
  • Fit Calendar- This is where you will see all of your workouts and cardio sessions that you need to complete for the day/week
  • All workouts come with videos in order to perfect your form and to ensure you are working the intended muscle groups.
  • NO GUESSWORK! Simply wake up and check your app to view any communications from your coach and learn your assigned workout and activities for the day. Stick to the programs and get results.


  • Program is customized for each client based on physical assessments, food preferences, workout times, desired goals and other key lifestyle factors.
  • Includes workout programs, custom nutrition, cardio regimens and supplementation.
  • Workouts change on a needs basis. Usually every 3-5 weeks programs change and for more advanced individuals, programs can change every 6-10 weeks
  • Base programs are established from day 1. During weekly check ins is where possible changes can occur to your diet, workout, cardio, supplementation or any other variable we need to manipulate.


  • Ongoing guidance when you need it, even outside of detailed once weekly check-ins to gauge progress and necessary adjustments.
  • Opportunity to share videos of your workouts so your coach can provide feedback on your form and progress.
  • Assistance navigating special situations like vacations or holiday celebrations, so they don’t derail your hard work.
  • Access to your coach via direct message through the app whenever needed.
  • Constant physique assessments to assess your strengths and weaknesses.


  • Structured Meal Plan that breaks down exactly what to eat and when, while also providing options and substitutes for each meal.
  • Macros & Calories listed out for each meal and for the daily total.
  • Option to have some meals be IIFYM (If it fits your macros). This provides the ultimate flexibility.
  • Eat the foods you enjoy while voiding the foods you don't like.


Follow these steps to get started today!

  1. Choose your coach below.
  2. Invest in your future health.
  3. Fill out the detailed questionnaire and then get ready to transform your physique.

Programs are usually completed 24-48 hours after questionnaire/contract is received.

  • Health and Wellness Enthusiasts:

    People who prioritize their physical and mental well-being and are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Accountability

    This program is perfect for the person who needs the extra accountability to stay on track with their nutrition habits and working out. For the person that needs the extra support throughout their fitness jouney.
  • Busy Professionals

    Individuals with demanding work schedules who are seeking guidance and support to incorporate fitness and healthy habits into their busy lives.
  • Weight Loss Seekers

    Individuals looking to lose weight and achieve their desired body composition, seeking a coach to provide personalized guidance and motivation.
  • Fitness Beginners

    People who are new to fitness and want assistance in starting a fitness routine, learning proper form and technique, and developing healthy habits.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts

    Individuals who already have a fitness routine but are looking to take their workouts to the next level, set new goals, or break through plateaus.
  • Older Adults

    Seniors who want to maintain or improve their fitness and mobility as they age, seeking guidance on safe and effective exercises for their age group.
  • Postpartum Women

    New mothers who want to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness level or achieve postpartum weight loss in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • Individuals with Specific Health Concerns

    People with health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or joint issues, who require specialized guidance and exercise modifications.