16 Week Out Contest Prep- Nationals

Athlete Summary

Current AM Weight: 139.0
Last Week Weight: 141.2

Diet Feedback

Diet this week want perfect by any means. It was close to it but we still had some "off meal" items that were brought in. If you are following the "old school" approach, this would be considered a cheat. If vou are following an IFym approach, this could be acceptable but then with cara and since shes experienced, she was listening to her body.

There was one day where Cara was going off of "feel" and she felt like she needed more carbs for the day so he ended up eating around 300g of carbs for that day and it made her "feel good". The night ended with some basic sushi rolls that was just tuna, cucumber and rice. Roughly 8-10 pieces. So again, not perfect on her diet.


Cravings are pretty high and they are staying high. This is largely in part to ALL of the crap/junk food that we have around the house for the kids. We try to limit it, but they are kids and we aren't going to deprive them of normal "kid" food if you will. So we deal.

Training Feedback

HARD training this week. To a point where she was pushing to failure and beyond. Her legs were staying inflamed and very sore 2-3 days after one of her training sessions. We need to look reducing her intensity or going to failure on everything if she isn't recovering.


Overall, this was a "decent" week considering the couple of times where the diet was deviated from. From a coaches perspective, we need to tigthen up for sure. BUT also, I do understand the variables that are at play here and with her being 16 weeks out, we are still in a good spot. So I wasn't too "hard" on her this week. The reigns will tighten up as we move forward though.

Game Plan
Current Diet: Calories: 1,100 Protein: 140g, Carbs: 75g, Fat: 19g.
Carb Cycling- 3 Days of her BASE diet and then 1 HC Day:
High Carb Day: Calories: 1,894 Protein: 138g, Carbs: 250g, Fat: 38g. First HC day will be on
Monday 8/21