Our Competition Team Coaches will guide you to bring your BEST to the NPC & IFBB stage.



  • Includes access to our Modern Fit App where your customized program(s), progress photos, weight, measurements and key lifts are stored.
  • Fit Calendar- This is where you will see all of your workouts and cardio sessions that you need to complete for the day/week
  • All workouts come with videos in order to perfect your form and to ensure you are working the intended muscle groups.
  • NO GUESSWORK! Simply wake up and check your app to view any communications from your coach and learn your assigned workout and activities for the day. Stick to the programs and get results.


  • Program is customized for each client based on physical assessments, food preferences, workout times, desired goals and other key lifestyle factors. This is based around your show date or the off season.
  • Includes contest prep/offseason workout programs, custom nutrition, HIIT/Steady State cardio regimens and supplementation (This can include PED support/Guidance aas well)
  • Base contest prep programs are established from day 1. During weekly check ins is where possible changes can occur to your diet, workout, cardio, supplementation or any other variable we need to manipulate. As the show gets closer and closer, more frequent check ins are had.
  • Workout programs are designed around your contest prep. Workouts will follow suit with the BEST rep schemes, load and frequency based around how many weeks you are out leading into the show.
  • Extreme detail is taken into consideration when it comes to nutrient timing, supplement stacking/timing, workout intensity/frequency, digestion and nutrient absorption and so much more.


  • Ongoing guidance when you need it, even outside of detailed once weekly check-ins to gauge progress and necessary adjustments.
  • Opportunity to share videos of your workouts so your coach can provide feedback on your form and progress.
  • Guidance regarding show selection and ideal stage appearance based on current trends and National Physique Committee (NPC) guidelines – including suit selection, accessories, heels, hair and makeup.
  • Post-show reverse programming to maximize muscle building while minimizing fat accumulation.


  • BIOMARKERS- Making sure we are clicking internally is a top priority during this phase so the managment of Blood Pressure, Glucose/HbA1c, HR variability and other health markers (Lipds, Kidney, liver) are monitored closely.
  • Structured Meal Plan that breaks down exactly what to eat and when, while also providing options and substitutes for each meal. Nutrient timing is of the utmost importance during this time as well.
  • Digestion Monitoring. We make sure that only foods that are processed/digested well are eaten during this crucial time. Work with us on fixing and correcting any digestive issues.
  • Recovery optimized. We make sure our programs are pushing you to the limit but also ensuing recovery demands are met as well. We focus on nutrition, sleep hygine, daily regimens, supplmentation and deload/diet break periods to optimize this.
  • PED Support- Ongoing guidance and recommendations pertaining to the enhanced athlete. Safer use model is typically employed with stack designed and timing.
  • Workout Programming- Progressive overload methods are widely used along side intensity techniques such as drop sets, rest pause sets, death sets and also tempo work.


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Programs are usually completed 24-48 hours after questionnaire/contract is received.

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