Start of Week 3 of Josephs Off Season

Athlete Summary

Current AM Weight: 216lbs
Last Week Weight: 219lbs

Diet Feedback 
This week was on point with diet and digestion. Nothing off plan. Not even one bite. Macros were hit to a T.
Cravings are there but not terrible. Joseph is pretty discipline so the cravings don’t phase him much. Of COURSE there are foods that he wants and talks about and what not, but its not enough to make him cheat or grab bites here and there. 
Training Feedback
Another hard week of hitting new numbers in the gym. Hitting new weights and also matching or exceeding the reps from the previous week. Recovery as been good. No need for extra rest days or anyting like that.
A great week of being 100% across the board. Training, nutrition, recovery, digestion and everything is clicking on point. I was pretty tough on Joseph in the regard that I needed him to be on point so we can get some fluff off and to see how his body changes to get ready for his Blast. Also, blood work was done this past week after taking 2 full days off from training. 

Game Plan
Current Diet: Calories: 3,158 Protein: 27g, Carbs: 366g, Fat: 65g.

NEW Calories: Calories: 2,670 Protein: 270, Carbs: 285g, Fat: 50g.
Make sure he is hitting 10k steps daily. On top of his 35 minutes of cardio 6x per week.
Nothing added in.
Current PED’s:
Test- 250mg per week- End of his 7th week.
Insulin- As needed
Metformin- 500mg nightly. 
Telma- 20mg nightly.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, at this stage I know that the changes would be minimal so thats ok. I know everything is being done on Joseph’s end so no need to worry about “progress”. However, this week we are dropping the hammer a bit and decreasing his calories a good bit. I want him in a much leaner state before going into his blast in the next week or so. So we wil see how this big caloric drop does for him. Its a good 500 calorie drop so we should see some good changes for sure!