Start of Week 4 of Josephs Off Season

Athlete Summary

Current AM Weight: 214lbs
Last Week Weight: 216lbs

Diet Feedback 
Awesome week of dieting with no deviations except for one night of having a cheat meal with a few drinks. Something that is a rare occasion, very rare in fact. He decided to go to south Florida with his brother and some friends and just have a good weekend. 
There is no issues with being hungry right now even with the new calories we implemented from last week. Carbs are still at 285g and that is enough to satisfy him a good bit!
Training Feedback
Nothing new here with training. Numbers were exceeded in terms of the log book or matched from the previous week. So strength is trending upwwards even on this last week of his health phase. 
Another great week to end his “health phase”. He is excited to start his off season cycle which is listed below! 

Game Plan
KEEPING Calories at: Calories: 2,670 Protein: 270, Carbs: 285g, Fat: 50g.
Make sure he is hitting 10k steps daily. On top of his 35 minutes of cardio 6x per week.
Starting his BLAST PHASE.
Current PED’s:
Test- 500mg per week split up into two injections.
Masterone- 300mg Per week split up into two injections
GH- 3 IU POST workout only.
Insulin- As needed
Metformin- 500mg nightly. 
Telma- 20mg nightly.

Final Thoughts:
We are going to continue to reduce his weight to lean him out even further. I think we'll aim for around the 208-209lb range, and then maintain that for a few weeks to allow the new body weight to settle before gradually increasing his calorie intake. This will help initiate the process of building new muscle tissue. However, all of this is speculative. It's possible that he might gain weight while incorporating PEDs and simultaneously becoming leaner. Therefore, we will adapt our approach based on visual observations and play it by ear. Let's focus on managing this blast phase effectively!