Start of Week 6 of Josephs Off Season

Athlete Summary
Current AM Weight: 214
Last Week Weight: 218
Diet Feedback
Since we kept the diet the same, the feedback is the same from two weeks ago.
Nothing crazy here at all. No cheats, no snacking. Which is pretty impressive for the off season.
Hunger is very minimal this week.
Training Feedback
Numbers are going up like crazy due to what we added to his PED’s which is listed
below. Strength with every muscle group is increasing.
Make sure he is hitting 10k steps daily. On top of his 35 minutes of cardio 6x per week.
Second week on his CYCLE
Current PED’s:
Test- 500mg per week split up into two injections.
Masterone- 300mg Per week split up into two injections
GH- 3 IU POST workout only.
Insulin- As needed
Metformin- 500mg nightly.
Telma- 20mg nightly.
A fun and exciting week since the supplements changed. This definitey makes training
more “fun” when numbers are consistently going up like they are.
Game Plan
KEEPING Calories at: Calories: 2,670 Protein: 270, Carbs: 285g, Fat: 50g.
Final Thoughts:
Weight is up a good bit but this is due to the fact that the supplements are fully in his
body now creating a little more water retention and for sure nitrogen retention, which is
completley normal and I suspected his weight would jump up like it did. The look overall is very
good looking. Starting to get more FULL as well.
Watching his numbers go up in the gym is a great sign that we are heading in the right
direction. No changes this week to anything.