At the heart and soul of Team Modern Fit (TMF) are people of integrity who
simply want to help the clients we serve achieve the goals they desire. The vision
of lifelong athletes and competitors – Ryan and Cara Fitch, TMF strives to make
you feel like an extension of our team – building self-esteem and a sense of
community while building muscle. After all, it's easier to make a change and
upgrade your life with a team on your side. From engaging 1:1 coaching and
competition prep to confidence boosting physical training and nutrition, each
digitally based program is carefully crafted to fit your individual goals and
capabilities, as well as your one-of-a-kind lifestyle. As parents to three active
boys, Ryan and Cara understand that the only way to find long-term success in
any diet or fitness regimen is by striking a seamless balance between our
tailor-made nutrition and fitness programs and your “real life.” Whether working
with Ryan, Cara or another member of our team, you’ll find heartfelt support from
a trainer who is truly invested in your success.


Ryan Fitch first discovered the joy of body building
when he was just 11 years old. With a desire to
share that same sense of pride and
accomplishment with others, he earned his B.S. in
Exercise Physiology and has been a formidable
presence on the competition circuit since 2013. In
2016, he and Cara launched Team Modern Fit with a
combined passion for helping people strike a
balance between real life and real results.


Boasting a long and storied history as a track and competitive cheer athlete, Cara believes in the value of a lifelong pursuit of wellness – mind, body and soul. She shares that belief with the clients she serves, as well as the three young athletes she is raising with her husband and business partner, Ryan. She has been competing in National Physique Committee-sanctioned events since
2017 – 8 years after her youngest son was born.